Mixed Reality Toolkit

Our Programmable Physical Spaces technologies have the potential to revolutionise retail by introducing a series of game-changing in-store experiences.

More and more people are turning to the computer for their shopping experience, making the bridge between the on-line and in-store presence of key strategic importance. We envisage stores that react to shoppers and their implicit habits in meaningful ways; helping to compare products, find deals, demonstrate features, provide a direct-line to reviews, and even portable POS systems that can ‘appear’ as if by magic around the store. We believe there is a value to holding a product in your hands that can be lost when shopping on-line.

Our technology brings together the best of the physical and virtual worlds to create compelling and playful in-store experiences.

Beyond increasing sales and engaging shoppers, we also provide tools that help stores record and analyse the interactions customers have with products; what was picked up, held, and for how long. We call this technology: programmable physical analytics. This software allows store managers to quickly visualise popular products (physically, in store or on a computer / tablet) to help evaluate and optimise the store. We believe that making this process as quick and painless as possible (i.e. literally highlighting popular products on the shelf) will help stores actively respond quickly to new trends.

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