Interactive Floor Display

NLM DashboardThe Interactive Floor Display is a new, turn-key solution, for delivering interactive experiential marketing.  It is ideal for retail and pop-ups where attention and novelty are key.  The unit itself uses mixed-reality software to project interactive content on to the floor; engaging customers with brands through interactive games and more.

Each unit is self-contained and can store many different campaigns at once, either on a fixed schedule or any other external trigger. Peripherals such as card readers and scanners can be plugged into the devices potentially facilitating richer interactivity with your customers at the time of their peak interest.

HE Inventions can produce specialist content as required or offer you one of our pre-made templates.  The display supports Web or Unity content and has the option to collect statistics about the number of interactions.  A web-dashboard is also available to help manage all the units and campaigns currently deployed.

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Space in retail, events, and hospitality is at a premium – and with current practice your choices are either a cardboard POS unit, a floor sticker, or a TV screen if the space has the infrastructure for it. None of these are explicitly reactive to customers. None of these can track when someone has interacted with them, and that’s where the Floor Display truly shines. Designed specifically for retail aisle ends, it has a small foot print but can project a display a meter in front of it.

Create a new game, or use one of our built in ones, and apply a skin that suits the product or message you are displaying. Seamlessly change the content on the display when you change your campaign. Manage swarms of the displays inside larger spaces, or even across the country. Get real-time usage data to correlate with your revenue and advertising spend.


  • Can be housed in a retail friendly cardboard POS unit, available separately.
  • Comes with two game bundles which can be skinned for any campaign: Glyph and Turret
  • Manually change your campaign from our cloud service, via schedule, or via an API call
  • Manage your displays individually or as a group
  • View analytics on engagement on our cloud service


  • Startup package for integrating with your systems
  • Support package for diagnosing and fixing issues
  • Service package for repairing and replacing units
  • Content package for support in creating new content bundles or campaigns.


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