Digital Inspection Table

The Digital Inspection Table is a mixed-reality quality control station for the printing and packaging sector.

HE Inventions partnered with world-leading print and packaging supplier Bobst to develop a system that enhances print quality control and virtually removes production errors. The technology enhances existing operator skills, to enable them to complete machine setups and perform QC tasks faster and more effectively.

Digital projection is used for the proofing of printed sheets and die-cut blanks, and provides visual representations to match product with digital proofs. Utilising HD projectors the product sample is illuminated with quality control imaging, therefore enabling the operator to quickly recognise if quality standards are matched or compromised.

HE Inventions won an EFIA Award for Technical Innovation in 2016 for the technology that turned into the Digital Inspection Table.


The Bobst Digital Inspection Table with customisable options offers more than just an alternative to existing paper-based methods of Quality Control. With the additional feature of full or partial warp analysis of individual sheets or blanks, these features are designed to provide a sophisticated methodical system, enabling and promoting higher quality production.

How does it work?

  • The print operator places the first-ohc printed or die-cut sheet on to the table and the origination artwork is digitally projected on to it.
  • Any discrepancies between the sample and origination are highlighted.
  • The layout file can also be projected on to the sheet so that print registration can be checked and adjusted.
  • This removes the need for overlays and print minis, moving the process from paper to digital.
  • Warp analysis can be carried out as required pre or post conversion. All Quality checks carried out are recorded and can be forwarded to the end user, presented live on site, or retrieved for reference.


Boosting productivity

  • Faster job setup with simplistic and intuitive user interface in addition to touch screen controls for trouble-free operation.
  • Reduction in wasted materials and likelihood of recalls.

Improving Quality

  • Eliminates Library of Tracings (freeing up valuable space and costs).
  • Faster and more accurate quality control.
  • Data capture of all quality checks.
  • Automated quality tracking, performance measurement and problem identification.
  • Sharing of quality reports with customers.

Easy Integration

  • The BOBST Digital Inspection Table enhances the operator’s skills and reduces the time it takes them to make decisions.
  • The table automatically converts PDF files of the proof into its own native format for projection.


If you are interested in the Digital Inspection Table and would like to see a demonstration of it in action, please contact your local BOBST representative.

BOBST UK Sales: Tel. +44 1527 519 700