We support SMEs and large businesses by injecting bursts of rapid innovation, through agility and expertise in a range of emerging technologies.

Hardy and Ellis Inventions LTD is a technology company that creates value for customers by bringing together the best of the digital and physical worlds. We provide specialist technology research and development in addition to offering several core products.

The company was founded by Dr. Carl Ellis and Dr. John Hardy to commercialise the results of doctoral research undertaken at Lancaster University, and to ultimately help others to do the same. Their work has been used by thousands of individuals across the world, in addition to several PLCs, governments, SMEs and academic research projects. These successes encouraged them to continue applying emerging technologies to long standing problems and new business challenges.

In December 2014 the company secured a grant of £72,000 from Innovate UK in addition to private investment. This launched and began to scale the business. As of June 2015 H&E Inventions has customers in a wide range of sectors, all of whom are looking to innovate with emerging digital technologies.

Today people are surrounded by an ever-increasing number of sensors, devices, connections, pixels, and processors. 

The computer of tomorrow will not be a small device we carry, but rather an ecology of technology that we inhabit. This will treat our physical actions as input and manipulate the world around us as a means of output.  This requires specialisation and an appreciation of a wider context and constraints, not usually present in current software development or content design.


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