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Education and Training

With our interactive projected displays, it is possible to make computers appear and dissapear in an educational space at will.  This capability has the potential to change the way digital content assists the learning process.  No longer are learners divorced from the things / places / situations / processes they are learning about, as the information an be projected right in front of them. Projected interfaces are indestructible, can be used with chemicals, cleaned easily, and may appear and dissapear at will to prevent distractions when not in use.

In a school scenario, each Ubi Displays educational unit can serve a large area and multiple children / learner at the same time.  Each learner has their own in-situ projected content (animations, visual aids, instructions) that are based on the physical objects around them.  In a classroom this content can be driven by the material in a textbook or a lesson plan.

Industrial markets are keen to adopt new innovations when it comes to safety and training. In these scenarios, instructions can be projected onto complex machinery to aid operators and reduce training time. Similarly, job-specific details can be displayed where required. This can help to reduce the cost of staff turnover and help reassure people on the factory floor while keeping the job moving.  As our systems are highly configurable, you do not need to make changes to your machinery or process to completely change the instructive content.

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