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Augmented Reality Display Cabinets

Do you have something you want to stand out?  Would you like to annotate items on display with digital content?  Perhaps they are locked away behind glass to preserve them for safety or show, but this means that people simply don’t engage.

Imagine a physical model of a building that reacts when people touch parts of the model, a factory floor plan that shows you how to reach a particular person or station, or a glass window or box that comes alive with digital projections when people walk up and touch it.

All of these things are possible, and more, with our augmented reality and interactive projected displays technology.

Our interactive physical displays have been used at high profile events around the world, in factory and corporate foyers, and to demonstrate the latest university research in an eye-catching and memorable manner.

Before our technology, these hand-made bespoke units can cost the earth as each had to be hand made. We have developed libraries, algorithms, and tools that drastically simplify the process—reducing weeks of work to hours. Furthermore, we are able to easily integrate existing content and work with your marketing and media agencies.

For more information about of any of our systems, or to book a demonstration, please contact us at

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