Programmable Physical Spaces technology featured on BBC Click

Programmable Physical Spaces technology featured on BBC Click



It is always rewarding to see people use our inventions in new and interesting ways.  Our programmable physical spaces toolkit allows you to merge the digital and physical worlds; physicalising the computer, so to speak. Doing so often draws out ideas and ways of looking at the world that we as technologists would not automatically consider. Today (via the legendary BBC Click!) we were shown a fantastic example of Ubi Displays in practice.  To quote the corresponding BBC article:

Scientists at the Bartlett Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis at University College London, Lancaster Imagination Lab and the Institute for Economic Analysis of Decision-making at The University of Sheffield have teamed up with a church in Hackney to create a project aimed at exploring ways to communicate and share “empathy via digital means”.

St Peter De Beauvoir Town Church has installed a wifi-enabled prayer candle system, a digital advent window and a holy water font connected to a motion sensor as part of the programme.

You can read more here and watch the view below.  If you have been using our technologies in an inventive way, we would of course love to hear from you.